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Sex positions and your Zodiac sign

Sex positions and your Zodiac sign

Sex positions and your Zodiac sign

Sex positions do matter a lot for Zodiac signs as they allow people to come forward to know about their possible position according to their Zodiac Signs. As there are many positions to be followed for the same and will help pleasure and satisfaction as desired by them.

People having different Zodiac signs believe in different satisfaction levels and allow their partner to go through them as they always wanted to have. Sex is a need for everyone, but if it is aligned as per the Zodiac sign, then you can make maximum out of the same.

Let's dig deeper and understand which position is best for you as per your zodiac sign:



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Cancerians are quite sensitive and want their partners to dig deep in them. Being quite active in sex, they love to be wild and nasty in sex. The male makes the woman keep her legs together while the male partner straddles her. As her thighs are together, it smoothly allows deep penetration and position the G-spot to get both the partners extremely excited. The best part is the eye contact and the love they feel for each other. 

Cancerians also like getting on each other, may be clothed to naked, but do allow their partners to get sneaky as they want.



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Aries woman likes someone giving control in her hands while giving her pleasure, rushing through veins. She holds her partner down while making him love the joy for every drop and passing control of her body to him. 

Males love holding the lady's wrist and tease her with his mouth while on the verge of orgasm. Delicious, isn't it? Aries women love getting on the top and riding their guy, while she likes to ride him, and takes up most of the control in her hands.



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Gemini men and women exploring various endeavors and love to be with each other.  They allow their partners to taste pleasure to its fullest. Some people are quite shy and can take time to start their role play, while they can begin texting and give their partners some role like calling them with different names. Props, costumes, etc. are they love all about. 

Identifying the best sex position can be a bit difficult, however; the Gemini woman likes to sit on the kitchen top and circling the man around with her legs. They also take help of sex toys which are quite an interest for them to proceed forward. Mostly they shop together for bringing their sex fantasies home.



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They love to try shower sex, and they enjoy every inch of it. A Taurus human being loves water mixed sex and tinges the same from your head to toe. Addition of lube makes the sensation slippery while you enjoy the same at your best. 

Positions like being a Yogi fit into the situation, try to feel as close to him as you can, start your experiment with new sensations, and be traditional in your approach. As the foremost thing for them is feeling close to you. Try to fit in and add many actions like scrolling down his back and pressuring him to be a bit fast. He will Love It!!!!!



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Leos love their partners after and before sex. The female pampers the male and offers him a spoonful of sex. Feeling intimate, without any eye contact, the male can crave for the carnal release. As per the zodiac sign, he loses control to his partner during intercourse. 

Lions love somebody getting on the top and make them lie down with their legs spread while exciting them with their soft touch of hands or through the tongue. The female feels intimate to her partner and can give him immense pleasure by making out with the doggy style too. As the position allows the exposure to their partner's body and the feeling of each other's organs makes them more excited, it makes them enjoy sex to its fullest.



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Libras are a bit slow; they love sex in their brains too. Start at a slow pace with them while steaming fantasies of your partner. They can read your mind for your erotic fantasies and ensure that you receive immense pleasure while you get on him. 

Loving 69 position with each other, where your hands and mouth are free to use and ensure that your love for each other never dies. Both the partners love each other in the position while enjoying the view.



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The ultimate new destination explorer can satisfy themselves even through car sex. They love extreme sex, at various novel locations and satisfying their carnal carvings. They enjoy playing with cock rings and vibrator especially if you can couple them with true and tried positions. Many Sags are even intrigued by the idea of the threesome or talking dirty while having sex and excite them.

Love taking risks, Sagittarius likes Raised Doggy style ( the position requires the partners to pull up upper body strength) to enjoy with their adventure partner.



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The passionate and intense, they love multiple orgasms and pose according to different climaxes. They divert the attention of their partners towards the other erogenous parts of your body, like the neck, ears, feet, etc. This little teasing can make the air hot around, and the partner gets excited enough to pounce on you with full force.

Scorpions don't need a bed, they can push you through the wall side, and can have sex by standing or while lying down. They also love to practice anal missionary position. They are hidden trendsetters and love traditional thinking with a twist. So, try missionary with a  twist this time and bring pleasures for both of you.



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Efficient, caring and practical tips are the best for Capricorns. Their penetration positions allow a lot of eye contact if the girl is on top. One can feasibly communicate to them one’s feelings for them. In fact, they enjoy the very tip and love to interact with their partners.

They love getting pleased, so you can try getting bossy as well. Let them know your trigger points, or where you want their mouth or hands to be moving around you. They are quite hard working, so accepting challenges is a part of their personality and owing to this reason only they love standing doggy style. Because of the challenge engaged in it, they also find it sexier.



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Passing through the sensation, they like to take the support like vibrators in action, or at times their partner getting stimulated while having intercourse. Getting stimulated through many sources can ask their body to sing in the way you want.

The side roll is considered to be their favorite position. Feeling too much is a trait of Pisces and essentially entering into spooning with their spouse brings around an air of intimacy with the much-required stimulation.



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Soft and straightforward Aquarians are never ready for challenges, they do try different Kamasutra positions relating to balance and flexibility. Adding role plays, props and new things in sex is what they desire for. They know what they want and are quite clear about the same. Aquarians are quite happy to oblige so you can ask them for directions too. 

Start your pleasure by making the journey with Aquarius today. They love side saddle for getting away with friction and can allow you to be experimental by having both the legs together. So, be dynamic in your bedroom and enjoy sex to its fullest.



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Virgo never get enough, they find love as a beautiful feeling, but their trigger is in oral sex. Trying out flavoring lubricant, licking your stomach by their tongue pampered with the taste of honey or chocolate sauce is considered to be a bliss by them. TYing a blindfold around your partner's eye or plug earphones while teasing them and blocking their attention on your touch.

Precision is everything for them, whether you are in receiving or giving the condition, be sure to receive the needed amount with your hands at disposal.

Undoubtedly the sex position does depend upon your Zodiac signs. Practicing the related ones will satisfy you more, and you can start enjoying them at the maximum too. So, keep rocking!!

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