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Safed Musli – The Natural Solution to More Than a 100 Ailments

Safed Musli – The Natural Solution to More Than a 100 Ailments

Safed Musli – The Natural Solution to More Than a 100 Ailments

Chlorophytum borivilianum, commonly known as Safed Musli in Hindi, is a herb which finds extensive use in Ayurveda owing to its healing capabilities. It has lanceolate leaves and is found in the tropical wetlands of India. These are leafy herbs and are found in more than 250 species worldwide across the globe. Its uses and importance in the system have made it the sixth most valuable plant to be conserved and shielded as decided by the Medicinal Plants Board. It is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Medicinal Uses of Safed Musli:

Due to its profound advantages in numerous domains, Safed Musli has been highly commercialized in recent times with many big industries manufacturing products under their name using Safed Musli as a chief ingredient. Its unparalleled healing capabilities have made it an imperative component in hundreds of Ayurvedic medicines. Listed below a few of the uses of Safed Musli in the medicinal industry, which will shed light on the lesser known uses of this herb:

  1. Diarrhea – Safed Musli has been used for ages to cure diarrhea and dysentery. The root powder is highly beneficial and cures a number of such issues.
  2. Herbal Viagra – By far, this is the most potent and widespread use of the herb. Since its inception, Safed Musli has been one of the most important solutions to combat sexual problems. Starting from increased sperm production to solving erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness in females, this herb has a wide range of cures under its belt. It also helps cure premature ejaculation, increases the libido, and improves the hormone profile as well.
  3. Diabetes – Safed Musli has been well known as an excellent stimulant. The powered root when mixed with warm milk and consumed, boosts the immune system and increases the metabolism as well. It has a potent antioxidant called antihyperglycemic, which is very useful for the patients fighting the disease.
  4. Antibiotics – Safed Musli has a considerable amount of cholesterol, triglycerides, plasma glucose, and serum corticosterone, which demonstrate good anti-oxidant and anti-stress characteristics.
  5. Arthritis & Joint Pains – Safed Musli can be used by patients suffering from arthritis and joint pains. It has anti-inflammatory characteristics which help ease the disease. It also stimulates the better production of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints and reduces the pain.

Other Uses of Safed Musli:

Apart from medicinal uses, Safed Musli finds it use in various other domains as well.

  1. It is a galactagogue which helps in lactation in women.
  2. It is used by people who are extremely tired and weak. It provides strength to the body and can be regularly consumed in the form of capsules.
  3. Safed Musli also has diuretic properties and thus helps in maintaining a clean and healthy system, thereby reducing the chances of infections as well.
  4. It is very widely used in weight reduction. Regular usage of this herb increases the High-Density Lipoprotein.
  5. It serves as a brain tonic and is used in cases of memory loss and lack of confidence as well.
  6. Safed Musli is also one of the few products which can cure epilepsy. 12 grams of Safed Musli in one glass of milk is generally prescribed by the professionals.
  7. Safed Musli is generally sweet and has a cooling effect on the body. This reduces the high Pitta in the body, which is the cause of acidity, and bleeding disorders.

Side Effects of Safed Musli:

Safed Musli has no proven significant side effects as of now. However, high doses of the same might lead to gastrointestinal upset. In a few cases, it has been reported to be responsible for slight weight gains as well. Since it is rich in various constituents, it takes time to digest and thus can cause minor losses in appetite.


No drug and herb interactions have been found with the use of Safed Musli. It is considered to be a safe medicine which has not faced adverse interaction reports in all these years. This property of Safed Musli makes it even more popular. So, anyone, irrespective of what other drugs they are consuming, can consume Safed Musli, without worrying about that interfering with their daily medicines.


The appropriate dosage for Safed Musli depends on a variety of factors which include health, age and several other determinants which might be subjective to every situation. Thus, there is no general dosage that checks all the boxes and can be used in every scenario. However, a dosage of 3 to 5 grams can be considered safe for consumption. It is highly advised to consult a doctor to understand the perfect dosage for your body.

Where will you get it?

Safed Musli is a popular herb and can be obtained at any. One can also get hold of the medicines online through various online platforms. It is a good practice to go through the comments and reviews of the drug before buying it off in order to avoid scams and get more profound insights into the product. One of the trusted names amongst all the Safed Musli capsules for erectile dysfunction is Zeoveda Musli King for ED. It is a cent percent natural product and has proved to be beneficial to a lot of consumers. It is approved by the Government of India (Ayush), which ensures its legitimacy. It is used for a variety of sexual problems for men. It also treats premature ejaculation and increases the stamina. You will find a number of positive reviews on their website posted by the users who have used and experienced its benefits.

There has been a recent surge in the demand for medicinal herbs in the recent times. Due to their unique and multifaceted nature, they have found their use in industries such as cosmetics, insecticides, paints, etc. Safed Musli is one of the most sought-after herbs in the market. Due to the huge landscape of benefits it boasts, it is used by people who have or do not have ailments.

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