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Lose Weight fast without exercise in Natural way, Diet and Food Tips, Herbal Treatment

Lose Weight fast without exercise in Natural way, Diet and Food Tips, Herbal Treatment

Lose Weight fast without exercise in a Natural way, Diet and Food Tips, Herbal Treatment

Zeoveda Med Har is the best herbal product for losing weight fast.

Nevertheless, many of us also face undesirable weight gain, especially around our waists. But weren't doomed to this weight gain and getting rid of it does not require calorie counting, limited eating, hunger, and deprivation.

Estrogen and Fat

It's Complicated - We think of estrogen as the bodily hormone accountable for the fact that nearly all women store in our breasts, hips and upper thighs, giving us our classic shape. But its more complicated than that. Estrogen drives weight gain in women because pregnancy and nursing require huge calorie reserves.

This is why healthful women require a much higher minimum level of body fat than healthy men. Estrogen balances thyroid function. The ovaries and body fat produce estrogen. When a female is overweight, her excess estrogen can suppress thyroid function. Estrogen is vital to building and maintaining healthful muscle and bone in women and men alike. Estrogen is why women's muscles recuperate quicker than men from intense workouts.

So Does Menopause Make Women Fat?
The answer is:

Our bodies are attempting to produce all the estrogen they can to defend our muscles and bones. Strong muscles and bones used to be a matter of life and death plus they're still critical to our quality of life, and the post-menopausal fat gain is more complicated than that. Muscle burns more calories in Men, as well as women, lose muscle as they age.

Nevertheless, estrogen is women's main muscle building bodily hormone and both estrogen and testosterone decline suddenly in women. Consequently, women lose muscle faster than men do and, biologically, women have less to get rid of. Ethically, women are discouraged from physical fitness, particularly from strength training, so normal, age-related muscle loss is far worse for the average woman than the average man.

The result?

So Does Menopause Make Women Fat?

A dreadful chain response:

Less muscle mass means a slower metabolic process so you've to eat less to avoid gaining weight at the exact same time you lose the appetite suppression effect of estrogen. Increased hunger also slows the metabolism.

Hunger is also a stress that increases cortisol production. Cortisol increases your appetite, specifically for sweets and refined carb comfort foods. The body readily converts these foods into high blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels are poisonous, so the body stores this excess sugar as fat.                                           

This makes you hungry since your body is not getting the energy it needs. This extra fat produces estrogen that might further suppress the thyroid even as it protects your remaining muscle. Reversing Post Menopausal Weight Gain - There are various steps to losing fat after menopause. Nutrition - Getting this right makes losing fat much simpler.

Zeoveda Med Har for weight loss

Zeoveda Med Har is the best herbal medicine for losing weight fast, is the best treatment for triggering metabolism and your body slim and trim.

Steps to Weight Loss and Diet Plan

Steps to Weight Loss and Diet Plan

  1. Make yourself ready for the change.

  2. Set goal to reduce weight.

  3. Understanding weight loss basics a must.

  4. Develop healthy eating habits.

  5. Follow appropriate diets and physical activity.

  6. Adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Let's fight obesity together.

Free foods

Vegetables - All green leafy vegetables (Spinach, Methi, Sarson, Bathua, Mushroom, Capsicum, Cauliflower, cabbage, Cucumber, Spring onion, Tauri, Ghiya, Tinda, Pumpkin, beans, Radish, Bitter gourd, Okra, Lettuce (Ladyfinger) Lettuce, Asparagus, Brinjal.

Fruits - Papaya, Guava, Pears, Peaches, Orange, Mausami, Anar, Cherries, Jamun, Strawberry, Plums, Apple, Watermelon.

Milk- Skimmed or Double toned.

Curds- Single Toned or low fat.

Oils- Olive, Canola, Rice Bran, Mustard, Saffola, Sunflower.

Artificial Sweeteners- Avoid which has aspartame so can go for stevia, Splenda Diabliss (only sachet in a day), no sugar.

Bread- whole wheat or brown.

Biscuits- Monaco, Nutrichoice, Marie, Macavity (only when recommended).

Diet coke (when recommended Jaljeera, lemon water, lemon soda).

Diet and Food Tips

  1. Avoid having heavy dinner.

  2. Avoid processed snacks foods.

  3. Eat in small portions.

  4. Eat slowly, chew well.

  5. Eat a variety of foods from each group

  6. Do not eat with a long gap.

  7. Drink 5-6 liter of water in a day.

  8. Do not eat too much at a time.

  9. Try eating fresh food.

  10. Weigh yourself on a regular basis.

  11. Daily exercise for 45 minutes to 1 hour is a must.

  12. Eat three times means not that you eat the whole box.

  13. Small bites, big weight loss.

Diet and Food Tips

Free Consultation

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