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Amalaki - Health Benefits of Amla an Indian Gooseberry and its Uses

Amalaki - Health Benefits of Amla an Indian Gooseberry and its Uses

Amalaki - What is Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica)

Amla means Sour is an Indian gooseberry plant which is also known as Malacca tree or Emblic Myrobalan and in Sanskrit, it is known as Amalaki and In English amla is Known as Phyllanthus Emblica.

It is used as a traditional Indian medicine and all parts of amla are used for various Ayurvedic medicine (Jawarish amla) herbal preparations, also include fruit, seed, leaves, root, bark, and flowers. 

Mostly Amla is used in inks, shampoos and hair oils. Amla hair oil and shampoos are traditionally believed to the scalp and prevent premature grey hair and nourish the hair. Amla capsules taking care of general health and as well as sexual health.

Amalaki - What is Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica)

Health Benefits of Amla (Amalaki) in Ayurveda 

  1. Improves the eyesight naturally.
  2. Boost hair size.
  3. Trimming the dark spots, age spots, and pigmentation marks.
  4. Beneficial for diabetic patients, control blood sugar level naturally.
  5. Increase the energy level of the body.
  6. improve the liver function and also improve the digestion system.
  7. Amla is an herb used as a weight loss aid.
  8. Improve your vigor, vitality, and stamina.
  9. Helpful in both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
  10. Improve both general and reproductive health.

Some others amazing Amla Benefits

Anti-aging agent

Full of all the goodness of vitamin C, Amla is the quite efficient anti-aging agent for the skin. Gulping down amla juice aids maintain skin elastic, youthful and firm from deep down. Even though not many individuals know that amla may be utilized in skincare too.

Indian gooseberry in the beauty applications. Well known for improving your hair's beauty, amla or India gooseberry is well-known for its health benefits. But Amla is a great store of skin advantages also. Even though ignored in skincare, Amla is the blessing for your skin too.

Improves digestion system

Amla is very helpful in trimming your complexion from the inside out. Simply drink amla juice blended with honey in the morning each day and you will feel the difference in only 1 month. Your complexion will be lightening gradually. Pure Amla juice may be implemented also in your face to whiten your skin naturally.
Drinking amla juiced delays the aging process. You may employ amla juice blended with almond oil on your face to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. This is a very effective anti-aging beauty therapy for a younger looking skin. Amla juice includes a lot of antioxidants that assist in the exfoliating skin

Simply mix amla juice rice powder along with honey, rose water along with use this adhesive for scrubbing old skin debris. Use this recipe twice per week for best results. You may mix amla juice with lemon juice and employ on your face to eliminate pigmentation marks.

This homemade facial mask is quite good for oily skin. Amla juice is per natural blood purifier which can help in making your skin problem free. Just mix amla adhesive with mint juice and employ on your face affected by acne along with pimples. Leave this groundwork overnight for best results. You'll see a reduction in acne extremely fast. 

An excellent source of Vitamin C

Amla is well known for its huge content of vitamin C, that can help with building collagen that keeps skin elastic along with firm. All you have to mix few tablespoons of almond powder, 2 spoons of sandal powder with 3 spoons of amla juice along with employ onto your face to ward off wrinkles along with fine lines. A highly effective beauty tip for the treatment of wrinkles and age spots. Mix amla adhesive with a couple of spoons of milk along with spreading this preparation all over your face.

Leave this mixture on the face for forty minutes. This home cure helps a lot to remove imperfections along with making your skin even toned naturally. You may mix amla juice with aloe vera gel along with use this mixture to apply on your face. This recipe helps a lot in trimming dark spots, age spots, and pigmentation marks naturally. Amla supports healthy digestion, elimination and metabolism, respiratory system and Nourishes the heart. It helps in strengthen immunity and Strengthen the lungs and Support the heart.

Uses of Amla in herbal medicines

Amla is a great herb for health, anyone gets its benefit by eating it directly, but if you have it in the form of capsules then it gives more benefits in lesser time as compared to eating amla directly and also amla seed is also used in herbal capsules which you don't eat directly.

Zeoveda Uses amla as a key ingredient in following health issues:

Amla for diabetes

Amla is beneficial for those people who are suffering from diabetes problem because Amla is a great source of Vitamin C, which prevents diabetic patient insulin cells. Zeoveda has developed Zeoveda Dia Hit for Diabetic Patients in which amla is used.

Amla for Weight Loss

Amla is an amazing herb taking care of our overall body and it is also helpful for the people who want to lose their weight fast by improving metabolism, detoxifying your body, boost your digestion, relieving constipation, and also increase the energy level your body. Zeoveda Med Har is big fat killer herbal medicine for who want a slim/flat body.

Amla for Stress and Depression

Amla is also used in stress relief herbal medicines. Zeoveda Ze-O-Shakti is the best tonic for men, women and children's to boost their confidence and memory, overcome the problem of stress, strain, anxiety, tiredness, fatigue.

Amla for Sexual Wellness

Amla is the best herb for reproductive health improves sexual performance of a man by taking care of the problem of sexual dysfunction, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction also used to improve sexual power, control BP,  libido, and insomnia. Zeoveda has developed various sexual wellness kits and sexual wellness products according to different sexual problems.

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Herbal Medicines using Amla

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